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What Does Webyte Do?

It designs websites that are compatible with all platforms. It uses the specially developed Webayt Content Management System software as its infrastructure.

According to what criteria is the design determined?

The colors in the company's corporate identity (logo) are used in the design. If the color variety in the corporate identity is limited, different color tones can be used.

Can We Give Suggestions on Design and Construction?

You can make suggestions. It will make our job even easier to please you.

Do You Have Training to Use the Administration Panel?

We tried to keep our panel structure at a level that everyone can use and understand its logic. However, training will be provided on using the panel so that you can use some features efficiently.

What Software Technologies Do You Use?

The most popular technologies are used in our projects according to need. Apart from the technologies we use as standard (Html5, Css3, Javascript, Php, Mysql), we use popular technologies such as Jquery, Ajax, Bootstrap, AngularJs.
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