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Responsive Design

Maximum compatibility with all devices! Your web site will be reshaped according to the device your visitors use, get the most appropriate appearance and reflect your professionalism.

Unlimited Pages

Create as many custom content pages as you like! Give your visitors more information about your work and get the most benefit from choosing them.

100+ Language Support

Reach your customers in their own language! Create your content in your own language and let your visitors access it! Promote your company all over the world.

Modular Structure

Position the modules on any page and in any order! Hide-Show any module. Design your site without the need for additional staff.

Menu Management

Redirect your visitors to the page you want! Advanced menu management allows you to select the menu position, icon and page to be redirected.


Group content added to modules! Get more useful module management by grouping your content into modules.


Quickly show your pages from the cache! Cache the content you add in all languages, increase your page opening speed and increase the value of your site in search engines.


Functionality evolving day by day! Get new software updates at no additional cost, combine your content with newly added features and promote your company better.

Our Packages

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2750₺ Price
  • 2 GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • 10 E-Mail
  • Use of 6 modules
  • SSL Certificate
  • Language Support
  • 24/7 Support
  • Superficial Custom Design


4000₺ Price
  • 5 GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • 50 E-Mail
  • Use of 10 modules
  • SSL Certificate
  • 3 Language Support
  • 24/7 Support
  • Superficial Custom Design


5250₺ Price
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited Email
  • Unlimited Module Usage
  • SSL Certificate
  • 5 Language Support
  • 24/7 Support
  • Custom design

Frequently Asked Questions

Keep in mind the question mark, Browse Frequently Asked Questions!

What does Webayt do?

We provide software and design solutions for web and mobile platforms. In addition, our social media management, advertising and consulting services are available.

Which criteria do you design according to?

We choose the colors we use in the design according to the colors of the corporate identity of the company. We can use other colors upon request or take the initiative.

Can we make suggestions about design and construction?

You can make suggestions. We will make our job easier to please you.

Do you have training to use the administration panel?

We tried to keep our panel structure at a level that everyone could use and understand its logic. But in order to use some of the features efficiently, you will receive training on panel usage.

Which Software Technologies Do You Use?

The most popular technologies are used in our projects according to the needs. In addition to the standard (Html5, Css3, Php, Mysql) technologies that we use as standard, we use popular technologies such as Jquery, Ajax, Bootstrap, React Native and continue to develop.
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