Responsive Design

Maximum compatibility with all devices! Let your website be reshaped according to the device used by your visitors, get the most appropriate view and reflect your professionalism.

Unlimited Pages

Create as many special content pages as you want! Provide your visitors with more information about your work and get the most out of your choice.

100+ Language Support

Reach your customers in their own language! Create your content in your language, let your visitors access it in their own language! Promote your company to the world.

Modular Structure

Position the modules on the page and order you want! Hide-show your desired module. Shape your site without the need for additional staff.

Menu Management

Direct your visitors to the page you want! With advanced menu management, you determine the menu location, icon and page to be guided.


Group the content added to the modules! Get a more useful module management by grouping the content you add to the modules.


Show your pages quickly from cache! Cache the content you add in all languages, increase your page opening speed and increase your site's search engines.


Improved functionality day by day! Get new software updates at no additional cost, combine your content with newly added features, and promote your company better.

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