From buying clothes to ordering food, reading newspapers and watching movies, people can now do everything they do on the internet. This situation has increased the place of the internet in daily life. Today, companies use strategies such as building corporate websites, being active in social media, and interacting with their customers in order to strengthen their competitiveness with each other. Thus, it reaches its potential customers both by introducing its products and services and by obtaining high efficiency in a cost-effective way.

Why Should I Open a Corporate Website?

There are different reasons why corporate companies can build and need corporate websites that are developed successfully and in a unique way. Briefly speaking, there are two main reasons for reaching more people and demonstrating their reliability by revealing their corporate identities. A company has to resort to different options in order to reach its potential customers and establish a sustainable interaction with its existing customers. It has a wide range of options, from advertising to bus and subway stops to advertising to a daily newspaper, distributing hand posters to advertising television. On the other hand, all of these options are costly and have very limited interaction power. So it is not possible to get a good yield. On the other hand, a website that attracts attention with its design and content and focuses on visitor satisfaction allows the company to make an unlimited presentation, not a limited number. In other words, there is an opportunity for recognition (brand awareness) that is not limited to words, paper sizes or seconds, but spans the entire area of the corporate website.

Another opportunity obtained through the corporate website is the ability to convince people who do not know about the company and who have not yet established a sense of trust and who can potentially become customers. There are features that distinguish a corporate website from others, and some of them have features that should be legally stated. Some of them are traditionally adopted features and have been tried for many years. When all are evaluated together, the person entering the website can have enough information about the company and trust can be established. For example, even a company that does not take orders from the Internet or does not specifically target Internet users will be in search of being able to outrun its competitors or at least be among them.

It has become a necessity for companies to establish a corporate website prepared with today's technology. Every business and facility in every sector, from global monopolized or oligopoly companies to restaurants that only distribute orders to the neighborhood, feels compelled to be on the Internet. Those who seek to compete with a corporate website prepared by an amateur, far from answering the questions of the visitor, which are not understood and which are difficult to access are unsuccessful.

Why Choose Webayt?

We meet the corporate website needs of our companies with our expert staff. We provide a corporate website that takes the form that suits every device your visitor can use, and we focus on ensuring that your company is best represented on the Internet. As the Webayt family, we carry out a careful preparation and work to ensure that all companies providing products or services can achieve high efficiency and reach their goals in the internet world. At this stage, we evaluate your opinions about the basic points that will form the identity of your company such as color and font and reach the most accurate result in design. In short, we ensure that our own knowledge and experience coincide with the wishes and expectations of our valued customers. Thus, we increase the recognition level of your brand and reinforce its reliability. One of our most important differences as Webayt is our mission after completing the project. In light of your demands and needs, we undertake social media management, advertising and consultancy services. We also help you save time and cost by training for the management of your corporate website. We provide the highest level of efficiency by using the most innovative, reliable and up-to-date software programs in the design and software stages, and ensure the security of your company on the internet. We evaluate more than 100 languages that your company will prefer in the design of corporate website, prepare menu management and similar structures that show how to reach different pages and contents within the website, and allow you to reshape them according to your wishes. Thus, we are completely away from the standardized corporate web sites, we reach an original and flexible corporate web site and allow you to promote your company better to your visitors.

Corporate Web Site Features

Check out our corporate website features that are becoming more and more functional!

Responsive Design

Maximum compatibility with all devices! Your web site will be reshaped according to the device your visitors use, get the most appropriate appearance and reflect your professionalism.

Unlimited Pages

Create as many custom content pages as you like! Give your visitors more information about your work and get the most benefit from choosing them.

100+ Language Support

Reach your customers in their own language! Create your content in your own language and let your visitors access it! Promote your company all over the world.

Modular Structure

Position the modules on any page and in any order! Hide-Show any module. Design your site without the need for additional staff.

Menu Management

Redirect your visitors to the page you want! Advanced menu management allows you to select the menu position, icon and page to be redirected.


Group content added to modules! Get more useful module management by grouping your content into modules.


Quickly show your pages from the cache! Cache the content you add in all languages, increase your page opening speed and increase the value of your site in search engines.


Functionality evolving day by day! Get new software updates at no additional cost, combine your content with newly added features and promote your company better.

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