Website prices start with very low numbers such as 350 TL, but spread over a wide scale, reaching 10,000 TL and above. However, the fact that the scale is so wide also confuses those who will design the site. Therefore, it is useful to underline that the main factor in website prices is originality and SEO compatibility.

Sites that are not SEO compatible usually contain low numbers below 1000 TL. In addition, it is known that some SEO work sites are under 1000 TL. However, the study here is an SEO-based study. In other words, as the owner of the site wants to add new features to his site, this base will be difficult and the site will slow down. However, if a site-specific SEO work is done directly, this requires a little more cost, but the site continues to open quickly, no matter how many new features are added as desired. If we evaluate the width of the scale in terms of website prices according to its features, there are many different studies such as e-commerce sites, news sites, corporate sites, blog pages. Therefore, the remuneration varies depending on these different works.

The Determinant Factor in Website Prices Original Design

Designing a website no longer requires much laborious, one-to-one coding from the beginning to the end, as it used to be. Many website designers find previously designed foreign websites and adapt the templates they get from there to the company they work for, and turn them into a company's website work. Therefore, there is a much more flexible application in terms of website prices compared to the past. However, if the website to be designed will not be built on any template work and will be designed completely original, then the fee will be a little more. However, in such a case, the company, institution or person who will be the owner of the site will have purchased a special work that does not belong to anyone else. Many world-famous companies create their own website works in this way and sometimes spend millions of dollars for this.

Another important factor affecting the website prices is that the original design also includes an original logo work. The most important detail that makes the website original and shows that it belongs to the person it was prepared for is the logo work. If the company that will design the site has any logo, the site fee will be more appropriate. Because the already existing template will be placed directly on the site. However, if the logo work will be done together with the site design, this will cause the price to be a little higher.

The Importance of SEO Studies in Website Prices

SEO work, which is one of the most important factors in website prices, causes the price of the site to increase. However, purchasing a site with SEO work always ensures that the payment made will compensate itself in a short time. SEO work, which is effective in terms of website prices, is divided into two as on-site SEO and off-site SEO. Therefore, buying only one and buying both will cause a difference in price point.
The most important factor in website prices is that your website is suitable for SEO studies. Displaying the site from the cache will make the search engine crawl the site faster. However, off-site SEO work means producing keyword-based content, which means more effort and more wages.


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